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Beginning in 1998, Lee Brooks dedicated his career as a trial attorney to helping people and the families of people who have been seriously injured or killed due to the carelessness of others, as well as helping individuals who have been taken advantage of by powerful corporations and companies. After ten years of working to master the art and science of civil litigation in recognized top firms, Lee Brooks opened his own law firm in 2008.

Since that time, lawyers across the Southeastern United States have hired Lee Brooks Law, P.C. to take their difficult cases to trial, trusting in the firm’s reputation for achieving excellent but fair results in tough cases while maintaining the highest ethical standards of the legal profession.

Justice For The Injured

LB Law now represents clients across Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi and Tennessee who have suffered injuries in trucking, automobile or motorcycle collisions, or injuries at the workplace or during recreational activities. While the focus of the practice is trucking litigation, the lawyers at LB Law also bring legal actions based on products liability for injury or loss caused by defective goods - equipment, automobiles, toys, medical prostheses, household products, etc. To learn more about the kinds of cases LB Law takes, please visit our Practice Areas section on this website.

LB Law also represents people against fraud or bad faith execution of contracts by insurance companies, business entities, and service providers.

Restoring That Which Can Be Restored under the Law

A serious injury or death can be devastating for individuals and families, and there are obviously limits to what the law can repair. But many suffering people are not aware of all that our laws can restore. In many cases, the law can restore incomes. The law can pay the bills caused by the carelessness of others. The law can provide medical care for the past, present, and future of an injured person. And while a corporation can never be sentenced to prison, LB Law can use our laws to restore safety to the public by forcing corporations to pay for their carelessness and even make sure that these entities conduct themselves more safely in the future. LB Law has a proven record of working to restore everything possible that the law allows for each of our clients, as well as the communities where our clients live.

Let Us Hear From You

LB Law maintains offices in both Alabama and Georgia, the addresses of which are listed below. Whether you are a lawyer in need of assistance or a potential client with questions about your case, we welcome your internet or phone inquiries. If you live too far away from one of our offices, or you are injured and simply unable to comfortably get to us, let us know and we will come to you.